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How I Increased my Blog Traffic by 166.27% within 15 Days

Don Shan, August 25, 2019

Have you heard of any of the following before?

Stuff your keywords in the titles, subheading and all over the content…
Write more and more blog posts in hopes of getting more traffic…
Share your blog post on your facebook page and on groups…
Build it and they will come…

Well my friend I’ve tried all of the above in my blogging journey only to experience barely any growth in my traffic or list. I wanted to quit and not waste any more time blogging. Perhaps you can relate to that too.

But… I decided to give it one more shot but this time to do something completely different and something that really goes against a lot of the advice given by the “gurus”.

The controversial idea: Produce Less Content

That’s right.

Scratch the idea of spending countless hours in front of your laptop typing away every single day in hopes of getting just a little bit more traffic.

The results: I Increased my Blog Traffic by 166.27% within 15 Days

The best part? I spent way less time being stressed about publishing my daily blog post and scratching my head on what more I could write about.

But the real secret was not just creating less content but rather changing the type of content I created and the content promotional strategies I used.

I finally had more time to work on things like creating products and serving my clients rather than stressing about traffic.

Now… this may sound simple and almost too good to be true. But let me preface by saying though it may be simple, it’s not necessarily easy. It takes work and following a systematic process for it to work. But if you would like more traffic and more subscribers give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen anyway?

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