Blogging Tips: The Importance of a Call-to-Action

Blogging Tips: The One thing that helped TRIPLE my Opt-in rates


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You might be asking right now…. What is it, Don?

It’s called a Call-To-Action. Essentially it’s a neat little blogging trick you should be using to grow your email list. But before we get too far ahead, let me give you some background….

What is the #1 reason to blog for business?

Well… let me give you three reasons:

1. A blog is a simple and easy to step up system that lets you share timely information and connect with your customers and community

2. It is a great strategy to position yourself as a thought leader and you become the go-to authority in your field

3. To build an email list of people who resonated with your message and subscribe to stay in touch

That point #3 is the most important in term of monetizing your passion through blogging. It’s one of the most powerful blogging tricks and tips I myself learnt in my blogging journey. Your email list is your real asset in your business. It the group of raving fans who have shared their valuable contact information with you!

How do I build an email list fast?

The best way to get their information is in exchange for something of value to them. In order to do this successfully you must really understand your target audience. Are you able to describe their avatar in vivid detail? Who are they? What do they do? What are their problems? What are their wants and needs?

Come up with solutions for them. Package it up and offer it to them free of charge in exchange for their email address. That’s what’s called a Lead Magnet in the internet marketing world.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Simple….it’s an ethical bribe to incentivize someone to want to give you their contact info in exchange for something of value to them.

What are some Lead Magnet ideas and examples?

Typically a lead magnet comes in the following forms:

  • A Free Report
  • A Free Video Series
  • A Tool (eg, an excel tracking sheet, etc)
  • A Check List

Here are some graphical examples of leads magnets from some of my blogger friends:

Yours Truly…..  :)

lead magnet example




Ron Deering  

lead magnet example

Rosa Coelho

lead magnet example












Lynda Kenny

lead magnet example


















Sheena Yap Chan 

lead magnet example


How to use the Lead Magnet in a Call-to-Action?

At the end of each video you produce or at the end of each blog article instruct your listener to lead over to the lead magnet and enter their information to download your free offer. In this video I share my blogging tips and tricks in using a Call-to-Action to build my email list for my coaching business.

Were these blogging tips on lead magnets and growing an email list useful for you? Leave a comment below and let me know :)

To your Success!




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