7 Business Networking Tips Every Networker Should Know

Business Networking Tips: Marketing Secrets for Networkers


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First of all….Why bother Networking?

Plain and simple…. in today’s world it’s not what you know it’s WHO you know. If you have the right connections and relationships you pretty much can get most things done. Networking is essential in business and your clients will do business with you because they know you, like you and trust you. Networking is not just about exchanging name cards, it’s about building a genuine relationship for the long-term.

Here are the 7 business networking tips for every networker:

1. Be a Curious

I’ve been to a ton of networking events where I meet people who are all about wanting to sound cool and interesting. You can sense from a mile that they have their agenda and are all out to push it on you. They show absolutely no interest in You the person in front of them. It makes me want to throw up!

Here’s a good business networking tip:  Don’t try to be interesting; Be INTERESTED in them. Way too many people are there to pitch their deal. Be the odd one out that get genuinely interested in the person and ask lots of questions about them. Make them open-ended questions and really understand about them and their business. Make a new friend.


2. Be a Good Listener

Listening is one of the most overlooked skills in networking. Like in my point above too many people are there to talk about themselves so when you become the guy or gal with a listening ear you will stand out. The benefit to asking good questions and listening is that you really get to know the person in front of you and will help you quickly understand if it someone who you’d want to even work with. The other benefit is that the person is going to remember the awesome conversation they had with you and how nice it was chatting with you… and they next time you follow up they are going to be delighted to hear from you again.

3. Be Helpful

Being a good networker is not about asking for more and getting more. It is about being a valuable resource for others. That does not mean you need to give them free stuff and start buying them drinks…. it’s as simple as pass them referrals or introducing them to potential strategic partners for their business.

Here is a question I love asking at networking events: “Who would be a good referral for you?”

And then I come back and go through my rolodex to see who I already know that I could connect with them. On other times it may be as simple as me sending them an email with a link to an article they they may find interesting and useful.

Give, Give Give, then Ask.

4. Be Consistent

Networking is not about going to one networking event, collecting a bunch of business cards and then trying to sell those people. That’s like being a hunter. Being a good networker is about being a farmer. It is about sowing and reaping… and it doesn’t happen over night. I keep going to the same networking event over and over every month so that I get to meet them often… that helps to build trust and credibility.

And my other intention is to help you see networking as a journey as something that takes time to build up. It is different from an activity like calling a leads list. Networking is about creating win-win situations and expanding your circle of influence.

5. Grow a Large Network

Here is a business networking tip for you: Always be growing your network of influence. Remember my point about being helpful and passing referrals for others you bring into your networking? You could only start doing that more effectively if you have a large enough network already. Now… don’t fret if you don’t have that already. That’s the point of this article… for me to help you do the right things and help you see business networking as a profitable activity.

6. Think Long-Term

I meet so many people at meetup.com events where they are there to sell and if the person they talk to is not a potential client they just drop them and ignore them. Firstly it’s extremely rude to do that and it’s definitely not a great way to be a good networker. My recommendation to you is to see beyond them – the person you are talking to may not be your perfect client but think about all the other people the person may know. It is not about them… it’s about the 100s of others they can introduce you to IF you treat them right.

7. Follow Up

I have gone to many networking sessions and passed out hundreds of my business cards to people who I meet. But guess what… only a tiny fraction of them have followed up with me.

cardcollage People are people… they flake and don’t really follow up. So a couple of business networking tips on this:

— Don’t be that person who keep showing up for events, collecting a bunch of cards and never doing anything with them

More important than giving out your business card to someone is actually collecting their card. This way you can be in control of the follow up.

Personally for me  I will follow up with a quick txt msg within 48 hours of meeting the person saying it was a pleasure chatting with them and getting to know them. I will also send them a physical greeting card in the mail which is a Nice-to-meet-you card. If you are curious, this is the service I use to do that:  Greeting Card Service


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