Five Tips for Network Marketing Success

Have Success in Network Marketing with these 5 Tips

In this blog I will share some of the hot tips for network marketing success:


Here are the FIVE Network Marketing Success Tips:

1. Have a Vision

You may have heard how a lot of companies speak about having a “Why” and about “A Why that makes you cry”, etc. Typically these goals are ones like:

  • Make $10K/month in 2 years
  • Buy a brand new BMW
  • Have a college funds for the kids, etc

Of course it is great to have goals and reasons for building your business. But how many times have you set a goal and never ended up achieving it? I guess it’s many times! The reason is that your ‘Why’ by itself is not compelling enough…. it needs to be coupled with a Vision – a personal vision of your compelling future. Think about who are you becoming as you pursue your goals? How are your close friends and family looking at you now? How proud are you knowing that you followed through the tough times? Take time to craft out your vision and write it down on a journal… it is not a bad idea to read that every morning and night.

2. Create Your Story

Network Marketing success is all about stories. Stories that compel and inspire people to move and take action…. and the most compelling of all is Your story! That way when skeptical aunt Sue asks ‘Joe, how’s it going for you?’ you can whip out a great story about your experience.

Your first 30 day story is very important. Your objective should be to use the product you are marketing and create a result for yourself. And to build the business and at least make a $1000 in your first month. The trick is to create as good a result as you possibly can in a certain time frame and share your results. That’s one of the top network marketing success tips that has helped a lot my own team members.

3. Work on Your Skillsnetwork_marketing_personal_development

Success in network marketing is no different from any other profession – you gotta invest in yourself. The more you grow the more $$$ you make! Here are a few ideas:

  • Attend marketing seminars
  • Attend generic network marketing training events
  • Buy books and online programmes on prospecting
  • Find a mentor and model their success

4. Be Consistent

“An apple a day keeps the Doctor away!”  Remember this quote?  Here is the point to note… it’s not: “30 apples on the 30th of the month keep the Doctor away”

Success in network marketing is about being consistent with your income producing activities. That is, on a daily basis, generating new leads, prospecting those leads and getting them in front of a presentation. EVERYDAY!

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5. Never Quit! 

And the #5 Success Tip for Network Marketing Success is to NEVER QUIT! In network marketing you only fail when you give up and quit. Otherwise you always have a chance! So my advice to you is to stay in the game. Don’t let the tough days get you! If you haven’t had any tough days in the business… guess what? They are coming! And when that happens give yourself a day or two to wallow in your misery if you’d like but after that get back up and start prospecting again. A good way to not even worry about quitting is to create an identity of a winner and a finisher. To create a personal identity that you finish what you start… none negotiable!


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    Great post Don! Thank you for sharing I particularly like number 5! Never ever quit!

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    These are 5 great tips worth sharing.. thanks for a great post Don…congrats on your achievement in your business… great job…

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    Thanks Don! SOLID INFO!

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      Thank you Thank you

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    These tips are fundamental! Thanks Don!

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