How to Approach and Prospect Your Warm Market List

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Warm Market Tips-Approach Warm Market Prospecting

Do you know the #1 mistake made when it comes to approaching warm market?

The #1 mistake in warm market prospecting is prejudging people.


The immediate reaction sometimes when you think of someone is to decide for them as to whether or not the business would be a fit for them. This can be a big mistake! Because though they may be having a successful career and driving a BMW you never know if they are dissatisfied with their job or if they are looking for ways to create passive income. Therefore, when it comes to approaching and prospecting your warm market list, don’t make the mistake of prejudging and deciding for them. If the product/business is good enough for you, it is probably good enough for them too 😉

Your role in approaching your warm market:

  • To help open their mind
  • To share a good idea with them
  • Share your excitement about where you are going with the business

Once you share the idea with them, let Them decide if it’s a fit for them now or not. Don’t beg or plead.

In the video below I share how because of me approaching my friend from university, he managed to create a full time income in network marketing.

Complete video training on How to Approach and Prospect your Warm Market:

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  • Ron Deering

    Reply Reply August 15, 2015

    What a great video Don…. you always share such great value… thanks again… you rock

  • Lisa

    Reply Reply August 15, 2015

    Thanks for the insightful tips. Prejudging people is a huge mistake that many people make. They decide ahead how someone may or may not respond to their offer.
    We must stop focusing on the results anyway and focus on the daily activities as well as the message we bring to others.
    Viewing myself as a messenger of information makes the whole process more simple for me. My job is to deliver the message and let the person do as wish with the information.
    Thanks again!

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