How to Market on Facebook: Network Marketing Prospecting Tips

Network Marketing Training: Facebook Prospecting Tips and Strategies



What NOT to do when using Facebook to market your network marketing business?

1. Do Not advertise your opportunity on some else’s profile page

Someone else’s profile wall is not your junk yard. This is someone who blatantly promoted their business on MY wall:

Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Training Tips


2. Do Not private message someone directly with your opportunity

Take a moment to chat with the person and connect with them… like human-beings! Leading with the intention of building a genuine relationship and then exploring the idea of doing some business together is one of the best Facebook prospecting tips I can give for your network marketing business success.

This is what NOT to do:

Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Training Tips

3. Do Not spam Facebook Pages and Groups with your links

If you have ever taken a moment to checkout some of the Facebook network marketing pages or groups this is very common- people spamming away their opportunity link. Screaming things like it’s zero money to get in and you’ll make easy millions over night!

Cut the hype and the BS! Do Not be so naive and amateur in your marketing efforts, you do know that it’s not THAT easy to make money in a business.

This is what NOT to do:



Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Training Tips


Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Training Tips


Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Training Tips


Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Training Tips


Network Marketing Facebook Prospecting Training Tips



3 Tips for Prospecting on Facebook for Network Marketing Success

1. Never send an Unsolicited Link

This is a huge tip when it comes to how to market using Facebook properly. May people confuse social media to be an advertising billboard! Just look above!

Use Facebook and other social media to build relationships with people and connect with them. Do not blatantly send out a link to a capture page or sign up page. You have to take a moment to get to know the person who is behind that other computer or phone. Computers don’t buy products, humans do. So my best tip is to be a human and treat others the same.

2. Raise Curiosity vs Resistance 

If you follow my Tip #1 on never sending an unsolicited link you probably won’t be raising much resistance. Typically people raise their guards the moment they see a link or a pitch; they know someone is trying to sell them something.

Instead here is what I suggest you do:

  • Sharing interesting stories and testimonials
  • Share the benefits of your product or opportunity
  • Share photos of fun times you are having
  • Do not simply post your company name and logo all over the place

Be so interesting that people start to private message you asking for information on what you do!

3. Using Network Marketing Facebook Pages and Groups

Another great tip on using Facebook and social media for network marketing prospecting is use Facebook pages and groups. Facebook has pretty much connected a good part of the population of the world and almost everybody is on it. (At least it seems like!) Hence, it’s a great place to prospect for your business.

Using some network marketing pages and groups is a good idea because the people in those communities are probably already on the same wavelength as you are. And you can so easily reach out to them and start building a relationship. I go into more detail on this and on how to market using facebook in the video below.

Complete video on How to Market on Facebook for Network Marketing Success

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  • Ron Deering

    Reply Reply July 29, 2015

    Great stuff Don… thanks for always giving such great value… so many people are mis-using facebook and spamming everywhere… thanks for sharing you rock

  • Lisa

    Reply Reply July 29, 2015

    Hi Don! Some of your DO NOT’s made me laugh because I see it all the time! I have gotten the craziest FB messages from people I don’t even know, that want me to join their business. One person even argued with me when I said I was not interested. Makes you wonder where they get their training!

    The other things that makes me crazy is the so-called “marketer” that posts their ad and tags every one of their friends, including me!

    Your tips are very refreshing and right-on…I wish more people would follow best practices!
    Thanks again.

  • Dereco Cherry

    Reply Reply July 29, 2015

    I wish I could share this blog post to a million people and the one’s doig this wondering why they are not making any money online and failing in thier business. Thanks for sharing this Don!

  • Joan Harrington

    Reply Reply July 29, 2015

    Hi Don,

    Really enjoyed your post on Facebook marketing! Tons of value that anyone can implement so easy :) Thanks so much for sharing! I even shared it on my Fan Page >>>>>

    Was too good of a post NOT to share :)

    • Don Shan

      Reply Reply July 30, 2015

      Thank you so much for sharing on your page Joan! Glad you found it valuable!

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