Jordan Adler author of Beach Money on Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing Business: Tips from Jordan Adler aka Mr Beach Money

First of all….Who is Jordan Adler?

Of course a lot of you would already know of Jordan Adler but for benefit of those of you who have just landed on planet Earth and have no idea about the network marketing business world… Jordan is the author of the best-selling book Beach Money! He is one of the most successful and most inspiring network marketing business leaders in the world today. He has created a multi-million dollar fortune that has allowed him to leave a dream life where he splits his time between his beautiful condominium on the Las Vegas Strip and a house in the mountains in Chicago.

However, Jordan Adler did not have a fast start in the network marketing business world. If you read his book Beach Money you will learn about his story failing in 10 different network marketing companies for 11 years and not signing up a single customer/rep or making any money! Ouch! He then had a few mindset shifts and went on to make millions on the consecutive companies he parted up with.

I am very honoured and grateful to say that Jordan and I have become business partners and work closely over the past several years to build a team together. To apply to work with us – Click Here

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Here are three things I learnt from Jordan Adler on network marketing business:

1. “Don’t Quit on Bad Day”

Jordan explains how network marketing is like a roller coaster ride- there are ups and downs. He warns everyone early on that there will be both good days and bad days in the business. Network marketing is not like a lottery ticket but unfortunately a lot of people treat it like that. They never go all out and after a half-hearted effort they wonder why they didn’t end up rich. Jordan constantly shares how people close to you like friends and family may say “No” to your product or opportunity… and that it’s normal and that it even happens to top earners like him! So if you are having a bad day… don’t quit! Keep going and soon enough you will eventually have a good day!

If you haven’t yet picked up Jordan’s Book: Beach Money Book

2. Put it on your Calendar!

“Don, if it isn’t in your calendar it doesn’t exist”

I can still remember the first time Jordan said those words to me… it struck me hard! Those were such profound words and I realised that a lot of the things that I considered were important tasks but never got to them was because I never put a date on them and got them scheduled in on my calendar.

In several of the interviews Jordan has been on when the interviewer asked “Jordan, what is the one piece of advice you’ll give…” this was the common answer that seemed to always come out. Jordan shared with us during a training on how we should leave nothing to chance or never wing it. We must be deliberate about setting up time for things we want to make happen in life.

3. How to make Beach Money

Jordan shares that Beach Money means getting paid over and over again for work you did one time. You get to leverage your time by the work of other people.

Here is the video of Jordan sharing just that…

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