Network Marketing Strategies for Massive Duplication

MLM System: Network Marketing Duplication System

MLM System-Network Marketing Strategies Duplication

Have you ever wondered how the seven-figure earners in network marketing have gotten there?

The answer is: Network Marketing Duplication

With personal recruiting efforts you can make good progress and perhaps even get to a six-figure income. However, when it comes to making the big money in MLM and the large residual checks, it comes to having a large team following a system on a consistent basis.

Here is the #1 tip to create massive network marketing duplication in your team:

Have a Simple Message that everyone in your team can learn and do right now. 

Jordan Adler calls it the 8 year old test. “If an 8-year old can do it and teach it right away, then the message will transfer quickly from one person to the next, creating fast growth. If it takes a lot of time and energy to learn the system because it is complex, some will do it, but most won’t. Your growth will be limited.”

The simple message is essentially a presentation that shares the basis overview and story about your product/service and your opportunity. It is clear and easy to understand. It is something you can show someone with ease and help them see the potential and vision quickly. 

The presentation is a 3rd party tool that can come in several forms: Live or recorded conference calls or webinar, home or hotel meetings, DVD presentation, a brochure, etc.

However, the network marketing strategies for creating duplication should NOT need to have a presentation that covers the full dose of the details about the product/service and all the details of your compensation plan. Let’s face it, a layperson who has not been involved in MLM before might only end up getting confused with details of a MLM compensation plan.

The presentation should cover the gist of your company. And most important a good presentation must make the prospect go “I can do this!”.

They must also be able to get signed up and immediately be able to use that same presentation and share the simple message with their friends and family. This cuts down on a lot of time where they think they have to master all the sales strategies and all the details of the company before they can even share the opportunity with someone. That’s what will really slow down your growth and prevent from network marketing duplication from happening in your organisation.

Have a network marketing system or model which is a simple message that inspires people to sign up and makes them also be able immediately turn around and help more people get started.


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  • Ron Deering

    Reply Reply August 3, 2015

    duplication is so key…. KISS principle is great….. i love the 8 year old tip… now days it’s almost if a 5 year old can do it…. :) great post Don … thanks for sharing…

  • Sonia

    Reply Reply August 3, 2015

    I loved this post, and I think I really need to work on this, since our bzn presentation is about 2 hours, not very duplicable. great! thank you!

  • Jelena Ostrovska

    Reply Reply August 3, 2015

    Duplication is definitely the key in network marketing. And if 8-year old can do this, anyone can do this – love this comparison! We should always keep things simple! Thanks for sharing that!

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