#1 Network Marketing Success Tip for Beginners

Network Marketing Training: The Most Important Tip for MLM Newbies

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Do you know the reason a large percentage of MLM newbies fail?

The #1 reason most new network marketers fail is because of false expectations.

Specifically, false expectations about a few things:

  • Income goals
  • Time commitment
  • Rejection from friends and family

In this blog I’m specifically going to address the third point.

Many a times a new network marketer would be very excited about his/her product or opportunity after having signed up. They would have been instructed by their well-meaning upline sponsor to write a list of all warm market contacts and approach them about the business.

What the upline sponsor typically fails to mention is to warn the rep that some of their friends and family will reject the proposition. It is our job to caution the rep that it’s normal and that it’s okay. That’s one of the key network marketing success tips I have to share in this blog.

I have seen time and time again newbies in network marketing get discouraged and disappointed because they treated their initial warm market list like scratch-off lottery tickets – the rest of the financial future of their business depends on that list of 10 and if they freak out and say ‘No’ then they are doomed!

The new rep would also like to know that this happens to everyone, even the more seasoned marketers. And it is important to let them know that it may not necessarily be because of something wrong they are doing. It could be because of several reasons like the common public misconception about MLM, relatives actually thinking it’s a scam, etc


The #1 MLM Success Tip to share with your new rep:

 You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to do this business!

It is crucial to help the new member achieve the mindset that when they are approaching their warm market it is to not seek for permission and approval on them doing this business. They must approach them with more posture and belief in their new business. They are committed to the journey and are on a mission, with or without them.

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